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Why Should You Run a Smart Car Check?

Shopping for a used car? It’s a dodgy market and more than half of used cars in the UK have a hidden history that the seller does not want you to know about.


Getting a Smart Car Check is important due to some of the following reasons:

  • Uncovers any hidden history or associated risks related to the dar you are interested in

  • Provides details including vehicle registeration, all alerts i.e if the vehicle was imported, exported,scrapped,or had any mileage discrepancy and more

  • Saves you from investing in a car that has been to an auction or was badly damaged due to any incident

  • Allows you to check if there were previous keepers of the car and the log book counts, if the plate was changed, if color was changed. Not just that, it provides you the MOT and tax dues information aswell

  • Give insights into the fuel economy, running costs, CO2 emissions. and vehicle performance features too

What Does Our Vehicle Report Include?

Our database is massive and ever growing as 33 million cars drive on the UK roads daily. Smart Car Check runs checks from many databases on almost every vehicle worldwide. We are the only vehicle report provider to offer auction history records with exclusive photos with every Smart Car Check.

Auction Records

Know if the vehicle was been to auction and learn about its sale status, condition, and price along with 10 auction photos when available

Previous Keepers, Plate and Color Changes

Learn about the number of previous keepers of the car, vRM or plate change history, and color change history with a Smart Car Check

MOT and Tax Dues

To know if the vehicle is taxed or untaxed and serviced or not by MOT our report gives insights into MOT and tax due dates

Vehicle Description

An exclusive and detailed vehicle description which includes the vehicle specifications i.e year,make,model engine, colors, dimensions of the car and more


Includes car alerts i.e car is exported, imported, scrapped, or destructed and indicates any mileage discrepancies and outstanding recalls

MOT History

Easy check for MOT fail/pass status and failure/advisory details plus expiration date, mileage recorded, advisory and annotation details

Vehicle Performance

Provided on the report are reliable statistics about vehicle performance, torque, power, acceleration, max speed and CO2 emissions.

Mileage History

Check for mileage issues and odometer fraud with the actual ecorded mileage table and graph provided by the MOT

Basic Car Check Vs Premium Car Check

Characteristics Basic Report Premium Report
Vehicle specifications
Vehicle registration details
Auction records
MOT & Tax dues
Mileage discrepancy
ULEZ compliance
Running costs
Vehicle performance
Fuel economy
C02 emissions
SafetyEuro N cap
Mileage history
MOT history
Vehicle log book details
Number of previous keepers
Number of plate changes
Color changes
SMMT details
Imported/Imported Non EU
Certificate of destruction issued
Electric vehicle charging data

Eye-Opening Key Statistics for UK Vehicles You Need to Know

0 %
of U.K. Vehicles Have a Hidden History

52% of vehicles sold in the UK used car market have a hidden history-something the seller does not want you to know. Used car markets are full of bargains and hidden gems but there are also a lot of scams and dodgy vehicles. Get all the details from our report to make sure that you buy a trustworthy vehicle.

Vehicles Sold Weekly at Auction

There are over 12,000 vehicles sold at motor auctions each week. Car auctions are booming in the UK due to the return of physical sales. We are the only provider in the UK for complete auction records and spectacular photos of the vehicle at the auction.

Million Clocked Vehicles on the Roads

There are 2.3-2.5 million clocked vehicles on the UK roads today with the Citroen Dispatch, Renault Scenic and the Peugeot Expert models most likely to be clocked. Car clocking can increase used car prices by thousands of pounds. Be aware if someone fiddled with the odometer.

Benefits of Checking Every Used Car with Smart Car Check

A Smart Car Check Is a Key to the Car’s Past and Present Unlock the Data and Be Smart

Learn the shocking truth about that auctioned vehicle.

Reckon that the car went to auction? Auctions cause vehicles to lose significant value because cars get rebuilt and refurbished. We are the only vehicle history provider to offer auction records and 10 exclusive photos of the vehicle per auction listing. The data includes seller name, seller type, auction date, location and sale status plus selling price. The images provide visual and detailed explanations of the condition of the car at the time of auction. Get to know the truth about any vehicle.


Avoid getting trapped in the increasing odometer fraud.

Has the car been clocked? Over 2.5 million vehicles have been clocked in the UK. Check the mileage history odometer data to make sure that you don’t overpay thousands of quid for a used vehicle. Our report will have the complete mileage history documented accurately on a table and graph. The data will also provide a mileage issues check. It is critical to make thorough checks to make sure that the vehicle is displaying its true mileage and you don’t overpay for your next used vehicle purchase.

Save yourself from buying an exported car.

Should you buy an exported car? Here’s the short answer: No, never buy it. An exported warning is a massive red flag. Something is very off with the records and the vehicle is in the UK illegally. The proper steps were not followed to transport the car in and out of the UK and there could still be VAT due or even other issues. Once you purchase an exported car, you won’t be able to insure, sell or drive the vehicle at all. Avoid the major hassle of a problematic car with the export check.


Know if there are colour changes to the vehicle.

Any mysterious colour changes to the vehicle? A vehicle's colour has a surprisingly large difference in its resale value. Certain colour changes including gold, brown, and purple cause used vehicles to depreciate dramatically at a 41-46% rate in just three years. Steer away from any surprising colour changes to the vehicle. Be sure to run the check to discover if the car still has the original colour and the reported current colour of the vehicle.

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